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Dave's Weekend In Five Pictures: Don't Make Fun of Me, But...

How about that snow, eh? Hope you got to stay home Friday night and just enjoy it! And I hope you had a good weekend! Here's mine in five moderately-interesting pictures!

Got the snow blower out on Friday and was happy to get it fired up after only about 10 minutes of trying! SO glad I have a snow blower!

I in an on-going battle against clutter and STUFF in the basement so going through some old stuff on Friday night, I found this. Here's the story: When Allison was about 8, she went to McDonald's with Susan and when she got home, she ran up to me and said, "Dad, look! We won! We got a cone or pie!" She was so excited! I can still hear her little voice saying that.

And I kept that little ticket all these years. I found it Friday and I love it. It literally says, "Cone or Pie" which is exactly what she said to me. Am I just way too sentimental or what?

Last week, a woman named Rachel emailed the show and said she was going to my wife's Board and Brush store with her work people on Saturday asked me to come by and play ukulele and do magic tricks. So I did! I don't normally do that because that's Susan's domain and I don't need to make her job any more complicated than it is! But Rachel and Molly (above) and their co-workers were just great!

And here's the embarrassing part. For a bad-ass such as myself to enjoy feeding the birds may seem out of character, cuz ya know, you'd probably expect me to have a sword collection or be a part-time MMA fighter. But no. I even went out and got a new bird feeder this weekend. As far as I could tell, exactly TWO birds have visited it so far.

My daughter Allison and I went to see "Being the Ricardos" on Sunday at Emagine in Eagan. I really liked it even though it was slow and methodical and the plot was kind of thin. It was so interesting to be reminded of how freaking big "I Love Lucy" was back in the day. They say that grocery stores would close early on the nights it was on TV because no one would come in; they were all home watching "I Love Lucy."

And that's it! Have a great week and thanks for looking at my pics!


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