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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: What You Find When You Move Furniture

Well, it's definitely not fall anymore, is it? I mean technically yeah, but the days of changing leaves and cool walks outside are pretty much behind us. So where do we go?

We go indoors! I did! Let's get started on my indoor weekend in five pictures!

Allison and her baby Ava came over on Friday and I wanted to block Ava from getting to the stairs so I picked up the ottoman to put it at the top of the stairs. And I guess this is where all of Roger's cat toys have disappeared to!

Allison and I say Spencer at Eden Prairie and I loved it. I'm not a royal family person at all, but this was really interesting and sad to see. Diana just hated being part of the whole royal family and Prince Charles was cheating on her and she was miserable. The movie does such a great job of letting us see how unhappy she was. How could anyone be happy going through what she did?

Plus, it was nice to be out with my girl!

Afterward, we went to Scheel's and stopped at the shooting gallery. I found out that Allison had never shot a gun before. I really thought I'd taken her before but she said no, and she has zero interest in going. Okay! :-)

I love watching birds so I signed up for Cornell University's Feederwatch program. Saturday and Sunday I counted the different birds at my feeder. Yes, I'm a nerd and I don' try to hide it.

This is a pic I took at the Museum of Failure at Mall of America. It's distorted cuz I took it with the app that guides you through the museum. You can see my blog all about my visit, what you'll see there, and how to get tickets here.

Hope you had a good, cold, blustery weekend! Thanks for looking at my blog!


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