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Dave's Colorado Weekend in Five Pictures


I was in Colorado this weekend for my best friend Mike's dad's funeral. And dammit, I completely forgot to get a picture with Mike and his two sisters who I basically grew up with.

But here are some other pictures from my weekend!

First up, Carson and his buddy on Halloween. Carson is dressed at Jesse Pinkman from "Breaking Bad." And if you know "Breaking Bad" you already know who his friend is.

I should be getting paid to recommend this! It's an InMotion eliptical/stepper and I ordered one to keep at the house in Colorado. It's such a great little thing you can watch TV on or even play on your phone. About 80-100 bucks on Amazon. I used it Saturday night while I watched this dog of a movie...

...Called "Hypnotic." It's about a woman who undergoes hypnosis and then things start to get weird. But it sucks, even though it was trending at number 3 on Netflix. Falen saw it too and she agreed. PASS!

The view out my back door on Sunday morning. This is my happy place. It's the house I grew up in and now it's kind of our cabin where we go to get away and relax.

On a much more personal note, I need to drink less. I poured this glass of wine on Thursday night and then decided I didn't need it or really even want it, so I put it in the fridge and didn't have any alcohol at all this weekend. That's not much of a feat for most people, but for me, it kinda was. Everyone is more willing to talk about mental health lately, and that's great. Click here to check out BetterHelp.com to learn about seeing a therapist online.

But it's still stigma to talk about drinking and drinking too much. I've seen alcoholism in my family and I see how it's such a slippery slope. A glass of wine a night turns into two then three, then four. Or more. Soon, it starts to affect how you act around your family and your work. I hope that the shame people feel about drinking evolves into conversations about how to cut back, quit, or deal with someone you love with a drinking problem.

And on a much lighter note, Have a great week! And thanks for looking at my blog!


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