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Chase Got Married!

Chase got married! Let's look some pictures, shall we?

Let's start here first. This rifle used to belong to my dad. It hung on the wall of our house in Black Forest, Colorado the entire time I was growing up. (We were sorta hillbillies) Chase loves guns and I knew he'd love having this, so this is my wedding present to Chase.

Wedding rehearsal time! That's Carson and the Matron of Honor getting ready to walk during rehearsal.

Rehearsal dinner with my boys.

Chase and Maddie holding Ava at the rehearsal dinner.

The big day! The groomsmen getting read, Carson in the foreground.

Carson is ready! I told him this may be the best picture of him I've ever seen. Immediately he made it his profile picture on Instagram. LOL!

Me with the boys, just before heading to the church.

Susan and Carson ready to start the processional into the church.

No, I didn't take any pictures during the ceremony cuz I guess that's tacky! So here's the wedding party right after!

After the ceremony, the family with my daughter Beth and her daughter Kelsea.

The bride and groom coming out of the church.

And arriving at the reception in style!

First dance!

On the dance floor. At least one person made fun of my dancing and told me I have no rhythm.

I thought this was a very sweet picture. That's my daughter Beth showing Kelsea the table of relatives who've passed away. My mom and dad are at the very top.

And the happy couple at the end of the night! Congratulation Chase and Maddie! I love you both!


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