Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Coolest Thing I've Seen in Awhile!

I had two days off last week so I went to Colorado. I usually ride my motorcycle, go hiking, play ukulele, and just hang out. But this time I did something so different and it was great. A listener told me to check out a beginner's falconry class. Here's the link. It was SO cool and way beyond what I expected. Did you know that before guns, this is how people hunted small game? With their own falcon? And rich people had a bigger, stronger falcon than poor people. And the terms "fed up", "under my thumb", "hag", "wrapped around your finger" and "hoodwinked" all come from falconry?

I got some work done too and stocked up the woodshed with firewood for the winter with about 20 wheelbarrows of wood.

And took some time to play ukulele on a memorial bench we made for my mom and dad.

Hope you had a good weekend! Thanks for looking at my blog!


PS: Check out my instagram for some AMAZING slow motion videos of the hawks and owls I saw this weekend! @daveryankdwb

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