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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Would You Eat This Fair Food?

First weekend of the fair! Did you go? If so, I hope you had a good time! This is my 29th Minnesota State Fair and I remember my first one. Bungee jumping was a thing back then and I did a bungee jump from I dunno, 200 feet maybe? I hated it but you know deejays. They'll do anything for attention, especially when they're new!

Here are some pics from the fair and some other pics from the weekend. Thanks for looking!

We went on Friday night and Carson loves the fair and just loves animals. He doesn't often smile this big but this goat made him super-happy!

This is fried smelt. Definitely not on anyone's top ten fair foods list! But someone told me I had to try it and I did. It wasn't bad once you get past the idea that you're eating nearly a whole gutted little fish. They had almost no taste so the tartar sauce was mandatory. Would I get it again? Yeah, I probably will! It's located in the same building as Cheese Curds, at the stand where they sell walleye on a stick, in case you want to try it.

Carson and I take an annual canoe trip each year. Well, kind of. We did for about 8 years but every summer we run out of time and have to just fake the "before" picture because we don't want to lose the picture tradition. So here we are, geared up and ready to go but no canoe and no trip. Yes, it's weird that we do this but just like Allison's annual airplane picture tradition, we don't want to stop.

Carson went back to school in Boston this weekend. Time to say goodbye to mom.

I was out at Flying Cloud Airport Sunday and a listener on Instagram told me about this so when I saw it, I knew what was happening. This is a World War 2 vet named Curtis Hill. He's about 95 years old and during the war, he saw a lot of action and a friend was killed right next to him in a foxhole. It's astounding what these men went through. Now, there's a company that gives these old veterans an airplane ride. They are called Dream Flights. I don't know much about them but they are on the internet here. Just such a cool thing to do for someone in their twilight years.

And that's it! Have a great week and thanks again for looking!


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