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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Do You Have a Drawer Full of This?

So did you like the cooler weather and the rain on Friday? I did! I'll never complain about the heat but it was kinda nice to be outside and feel a little cooler. And I was outside a lot this weekend as you'll see! Hope you were too!

Let's get started!

Carson wanted to go see "Don't Breathe 2" on Friday night so we did. It was actually really good! And nice that he wanted to do something with mom and dad!

Saturday, I flew up to Forest Lake airport for their open house. And I got to tour an amazing high-end wedding venue called Hangar 97. It's a huge, actual airplane hangar that can accommodate weddings, meetings, events, etc. See their website here. This picture was taking just before I landed in Forest Lake. Can you spot the airport?

If you want to see my landing at Forest Lake, just click here.

While I was there, I met a woman named Shannon who listens to our show every day while she runs. She actually asked if we could get a picture together and if I would use it for my "Weekend in Five Pictures." LOL! Anyone who knows the show that well and asks? Well of course!

Oh, this happened Friday afternoon. A month or so ago I was at Lake Minnewashta Park and saw someone flying a kite. I thought "That looks like fun!" so I ordered this kite off Amazon. It hasn't been windy enough to fly it until Friday so I took it out and set up my phone to get video. The wind wasn't steady enough to keep it in the air for more than a few seconds but it was still fun.

Do you have a drawer like this in your house? I cleaned it out a couple of years ago and organized all the cords and it looked great. Now it's a freaking mess all over again.

And that's it! Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for looking at my pics!


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