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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Yes, I'm a Nerd

Another beautiful weekend! Yes, we need the rain and honestly, I'd rather have a rainy weekend cuz we need it bad! But since it was beautiful, it as perfect for being outside and that's where I was a lot of the weekend.

Here we go!

Friday I went golfing with my buddy, Nate, at Sundance in Maple Grove. He did fine, I played terribly. Funny thing is, there was almost no one else playing because of the heat.

I love airplanes. I always have. And I fly them myself. So I wasn't going to miss Air Expo at the Eden Prairie airport. So many planes from World War 2 and a bunch of more modern ones. My dad flew in WWII so it was especially interesting to me.

And yes, I have a radio and binoculars. Make fun if you must. :-)

One of the most impressive planes there was the World War 2 B-17 Bomber. I won't get into facts and figures here but it's a beautiful, huge and noisy plane.

This just cracked me up. Carson has always been a little OCD about lining things up and symmetry. He was warming up some tater tots and a burger and I had to take a picture of how perfectly he lined everything up.

Yes, those are my pasty legs and dead left toenail at Minnewashta Beach on Sunday. It was so beautiful! But again, let's hope we get some rain soon! Everything is dead and brown!

I hope you had a good weekend! Thanks for looking at my pics!


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