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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Dad Bod Alert!

The grandkids were in town this weekend and we thought, "Hey! Let's take them to Wisconsin Dells!" So we went and they loved it! Well, all of us loved it because it's the Dells! Here we go!

Had to go on the Ducks! Liam got to sit up front by the driver. I've been on the Ducks a dozen times and it never gets old!

We stayed at the Kalahari and they have an amazing sweet shop there and I thought this would make a good picture.

I have a million ball caps at home but of course, I forgot to bring one so I bought this ridiculous over-sized hat and I loved it. This is Carson and me on the Ducks.

Dad bod alert! I was showing the kids a magic trick while we were taking a break at the water park. It was one where Kelsea would turn her back while Liam chose a card and when she turned back around, she was able to tell which card he chose. He was amazed and she was proud of herself!

Had to get a picture of this! BTW, the crowds were back at the Dells. NO distancing or any precautionary measures at the Kalahari at all. Everything was open.

And that's it! I hope you had a good weekend too!

Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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