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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures Including Something That Was All-New To Me!

First of all, thanks for looking at my Weekend in Five Pictures. I appreciate you even taking the time to look to see what I was up to this weekend. I don't think of myself as interesting enough for that, so thanks a million for checking out these pics! :-)

I did something I'd never done before this weekend. More on that in a minute. Meanwhile, let's get started!

It was Teddy Bear Day at Ava's daycare! So cute! I love seeing her laughing and smiling!

Susan and I found a new game to play at, of all places, Walgreens! It's called Five Crowns and it's a lot like rummy. Turns out it's also exactly like a game I learned at Boy Scout camp called "3-13." The rules are super easy and it's fun to play, plus you can play it with a standard deck of cards. Learn to play it here.

Saturday afternoon, Zach Dillon and I went out on Lake Minnetonka for KDWB Lake Patrol. We met a ton of fun people and had a great time!

Saturday, a friend of mine, Aleecia, invited me to see her compete in a body-building competition. It was fascinating. I'd never seen anything like it before ever. The audience was filled with body-builders and it was a culture all it's own. Everyone was nice to me and Susan even though we clearly didn't quite fit in!

And this is Aleecia after the show. She placed 3rd in her division. So happy for her! You can follow her on Instagram @aleeciajeanfit.

That's it! Hope you have a great week!


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