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Dave's Week Off in Nine Photos

Hope you had a good week! I was in Colorado seeing my son Chase who's lived there for the last four years and is now moving to New Mexico. Carson went along too, to see his brother for his birthday. Makes me sad, after this, they won't get to see each other very often at all. That's one of the hard parts of kids growing up; people move away and it's harder to get them back together.

Okay, before I get all emotional, let's get started with those pictures!

I took my sister Vivian, the one blinking on the right, out to dinner for her birthday and brought all the family members that I could along. Two more sisters, Chase and his fiancé' Maddie, and my niece and her four kids. It was great to get everyone together.

Me and three of my four sisters.

I woke up Monday morning to this clunk-clunk-clunk sound. It was a squirrel out in the yard on a feeder where they have to lift a lid up with their head to get food. Once they get it in their mouth, they pull their head out and the lid goes CLUNK.

Carson and I went golfing at Patty Jewett Golf Course in Colorado Springs. It's the 3rd oldest golf course west of the Mississippi. I didn't even know he took this picture of me until Falen told me he posted it on Instagram.

After golf but before Chase's birthday dinner, I went over to see my former intern Dylan (the creator of Paper Tube Tuesday) at his radio station. He's the program director of the big top 40 station in Colorado Springs and he showed me around his building.

And one of the stations in his building is the last station I worked at in Colorado Springs when I was only 21. It used to be a top 40 station when I was there but now it's classic rock. Cool to be in their studio, even though it's not the same studio I worked in.

Happy birthday Chase!

Last picture with Chase and Carson for awhile. Makes me sad. But we were very blessed to have Chase in my hometown for as long as we did.

Hope you had a great Fathers Day with your dad or the person who basically was your dad! And if you are a dad, hope you had a happy Fathers Day!

And as always, thanks for looking at my pictures!


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