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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: What Kind of Look is That?

I hope you had a good weekend! I heard a disabled veteran say that we shouldn't feel odd or guilty about enjoying a long, holiday weekend. It's testament to our freedom that veterans fought for, some never making it back home. So yes, I hope you hung up a flag, went to a ceremony, or paused at 3pm on Monday, and I also hope you had a good long weekend, enjoying the freedoms bought for us with the lives of so many.

Here is my weekend in five pictures!

Finally made it to the new Chanhassen Brewery! Shout out to owner Matt! (Try the Redbird!) Ava came along too and personally I think all kids should be introduced to breweries and bars early in life. ;-) I'm not sure what this look means that she's giving me though.

Carson went back to Boston after spending a few weeks at home. I'm happy he has a life there he enjoys so much, but I'll still miss him.

A random picture of Roger on Monday morning, laying in the sun, but also trying to hide. LOL!

Chanhassen had a very nice Memorial Day ceremony on Monday.

Main Street, Henderson, Minnesota. I thought this picture would be much more dramatic with all the bikes, but I'll admit that I pretty much failed to capture how cool it looked with the street lined with bikes.

Have a good week! And thanks for looking at my pictures!


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