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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: One, Sad, Pathetic Cat

Kind of a slow weekend with the weather not really encouraging us to go out to a lake or camping or fishing. I did get out for a couple of runs but most of my weekend was spent indoors.

I finished watching Season One of Big Sky and it was good. And listened to a podcast called Lost Hills which was bad. I gave up after episode two.

And the rest of my weekend? Here it is, in five pictures!

Roger hasn't been doing well. He had surgery last week because he couldn't pee, which is really common in male cats and can be fatal. He was doing well and then today seemed to relapse so we took him back in. Hard to see the "Cone of Shame" because it's clear, but it's there.

Allison came by with Ava on Saturday and I got to give her the little pair of pink moccasins I bought for her in Colorado.

Susan's new hobby is decorating cookies.

Two runs in one weekend! Only 5k each but my running partner, Josie and I were happy to be outside. I'm so impressed with her that she can easily run 3 miles at 12 years old.

And I'm smoking meat today. Ribs and fish. And yep, it started snowing just after I got started. Spring in Minnesota. What are ya gonna do?

Thanks for looking at my pics! I hope you have a great week!


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