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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures...What's Happening in This Picture??

Should I admit that for the second weekend in a row, I didn't leave the house? Aside from picking Carson up at the airport Saturday night, I was home all weekend. It is getting a little tedious, but really, besides shopping, where is there to go?

So here's my Weekend in Five Pictures: Stay at Home Edition!

Friday night I hear a "clunk" followed by a swear word or two coming from the kitchen. Susan was trying to wrap something in foil when the roll fell out of the box and rolled across the floor. Okay, this is funny! And no, she couldn't get the foil rolled up and back in the box so she crammed it in the cupboard.

Carson is home from college and had to continue one of his traditions: Checking out all the presents under the tree.

Allison and Ava came out Sunday and Ava was fascinated by Susan's snow village.

My friend Joe from Caribou gave me his cranberry salsa recipe and I made it Sunday. It turned out really good! (recipe is on my Insta @daveryankdwb) I took this picture and I was so proud of how good it turned out. Then I put it on Instagram and waited the Likes to pile up. Nope, not many. I was bummed. Allison said, "Dad, people want to see people on Instagram, not things." Oh.

I'm not sure who Allison and Susan were baking for but they made an S-ton of cookies! Carson helped decorate too.

And that's it! Thanks for looking at my five pictures! I hope you had a good weekend. Stay safe, stay sane and have a Merry Christmas!


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