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Dave's Father's Day Weekend in Five Photos (June 16-18)

I hope you had a great Fathers Day Weekend!  Whether you're a dad yourself or if you got to spend time with your dad, or at least smile while you thought of all the memories you have of your dad.

My son Chase came into town on Thursday so we were pretty much non-stop.  We went to Benihana for his birthday on Friday, then came home and watched "Fargo" and "Better Call Saul", shows that he and I both love.

And Saturday morning we were in the St. Louis Park Park-Tacular Parade.  Our regular snare drummer was out, so Carson played snare and Chase took over on bass.  Chase had never played drums before be he's a great guitar player and he can count to four, so he did just fine!  The band did great and we met a lot of great people too!  Thanks Terri from the parade board for having us!

Chase turned 24 so I made him wear this hat while he opened his presents.  He's a news anchor in Yuma, AZ, so he got a lot of ties this year!

Saturday night we went to Enki Brewery in Victoria.  We played a game my band introduced me to, "Sushi Go!".  I lost every single time.  WTF?

For Fathers Day, I decided I wanted to go to a little town and have a picnic in a park.  So Allison, Carson, Susan and I (Chase left Sunday morning) went to St. Peter, MN and found a city park with grills and made corn on the cob and hot dogs.  I told Carson he had to cook because he's grown up now and plus, it's Fathers Day.

And we HAD to stop at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store near Jordan.  Everyone loves this place and I had to check out the new addition.  I only was in there a few minutes because our dog was in the car and even though we had the top down, windows down and were parked in a shady spot, I was nervous someone would call the cops or smash a window, so I was in and out in 3 minutes!  Allison, Susan and Carson were much longer and spent about 60 bucks on chips, candy and pop!

Fathers Day is so great.  We just love having a day that we feel special, although I'm going to guess that you make your dad feel special more than just once or twice a year, RIGHT?  ;)

Have a good week!

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