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One Of My Favorite Memories at KDWB

I've worked at KDWB since 1993 and I have a ton of great memories, and the interesting thing is my favorite ones aren't about going to concerts or meeting celebrities or even about the trips the station has sent us on.

My favorites are about the people I've met.  Including this little girl, Shawna.  Shawna was a little kid who sent me a Flat Stanley as part of a project for school.  I was supposed to take pictures with it and send it back to her.

Well, it got lost in a pile of other mail and I didn't find it until months later.  When I found it I felt horrible because this little kid trusted me to open it, take pictures and send it back to her.  I just pictured this little kid being the only one in her class that didn't get her Flat Stanley back!

So I called the school and long story short, got it set up for me to bring the Flat Stanley to Shawna at the school.

I hung out with the kids, talked to them and gave Shawna her long-lost Flat Stanley.  It was awesome and she was so cute!

A few years later, Shawna came by the station to say hi, and brought Flat Stanley!

And now she's graduating.  I don't know Shawna well, but it brings a tear to my eye.  I'm so glad I found that envelope from her that let us both have a cool memory like this.

Shawna had an amazing GPA of 4.2 and is going to college to study nursing and American Sign Language.  Shawna, I'm so proud of you!

Isn't it amazing that life's most-memorable experiences aren't always about the cool trip we took or the fancy car we drive?  They're almost always about the people we meet and how they made us feel.

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