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How To Deal With People You Don't Like

I have three kids that are working and I've talked to all of them about the people they'll meet during their careers.  I've met them all.


The one who sucks up to the boss.

The one who never works.

The one who shows up late.

The gossip.

The one who takes credit for what you do.

The one who makes everyone wonder, "How does he keep his job?  He's so incompetent!"

The one who gets by on his/her looks.

The one who blames everyone else for their screw-ups.

Or simply, The asshole.

These people aren't only at your workplace, they're other parents from your kids' sports teams, other people in clubs or groups your in, and sometimes, friends of friends.

Most people really are easy to get along with, but there are a few who are just impossible.

Here's a great article on how to get along with them.

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