School Superintendent Arrested for Using Her Insurance for Sick Student

As far as I'm concerned, this woman is a HERO and not a criminal.  And it's messed up that the law disagrees

Casey Smitherman is the school superintendent in Elwood, in northeast Indiana.  And earlier this month, a 15-year-old student didn't come to school, because he had a sore throat.

Casey went to check on him because she was worried . . . he came from a tough household, and in the past, she's helped him out by buying him clothes and helping him clean.  And she was pretty sure he had strep throat . . . but he didn't have insurance. 

So when doctors wouldn't examine him, she lied and said he was her SON . . . and got him a prescription under her son's name.

Someone tipped off the cops last week . . . and Casey was arrested for official misconduct, insurance fraud, insurance application fraud, and identity deception.

She issued a statement saying, quote, "I wanted to do all I could to help him.  I know this action was wrong.  In the moment, my only concern was for this child's health.

Fortunately, the school board seems to have her back in this.  They say, quote, "She made an unfortunate mistake, but we understand it was out of concern for this child . . . she continues to have our support." 

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