This Company Makes Candles With Disney Themed Scents


Need some extra magic in your home?? These candles may just be your answer. You can never go wrong with candles, plus Disney...C'mon it's the perfect pairing!

Walter and Rosie Candle Co has ADORABLE candles based on scents from Disney Parks and Disney movies! And I only imagine they smell as amazing as they look.

They make 11-ounce candles that retail for a reasonable $17 or they also have small cubed wax melts! All the labels even reflect the creative names. It looks like tons of thought was put into these, which I love.

I seriously want to order SO many of these for my apartment, I'm kinda obsessed. They have a Pineapple Float candle which is reminiscent of a Dole Whip. I really wonder if they have a churro candle?!

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