"This Is Us" Season 2 Premiere Will Reveal A Lot About Jack's Death

Remember when the season one finale of This Is Us aired, and you dried out your tear ducts from crying so much and by the end you still didn't know how Jack died? Dan Fogelman, the creator of the show, knows how badly the suspense is killing us and promises that season two's premiere will address the long-mysterious death of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia).

Even though we won't find out exactly how Jack died, the episode offers "a huge piece of the puzzle", and more questions surrounding Jack's death will be answered, "over the course of the season."


Oh and your theories about Jack's death? Probably all wrong. Fogelman himself admitted he doesn't read everything written about the show online and his writers have "not quite seen anybody in the vicinity of being right." This rules out popular theories that Jack dies as a result of drunk-driving, which was hinted at the end of season one, or a plane crash. Time to rethink everything....

This Is Us season two premieres on NBC this fall and it can't come any sooner!

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