Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics: Surprising My Parents In NJ (4/26/24-4/28/24)

This weekend I spontaneously decided to fly to NJ to surprise my parents, after not seeing them since the holidays. First I pulled up on my dad at Home Depot. He was SO shocked to see me.

This is my dad, my stepmom, Kima, my youngest sister Layla, and I. Everyone was so happy to see me. We went to IHOP for breakfast yesterday before I went back to the airport.

I got to see my baby!!! I saw Alyssa in March so it wasn't as bad as my parents but I'd still rather see her everyday. Friday night her and I hung out for a bit and yesterday before heading back to the airport, we went to a food truck festival in Paramus, NJ. It was lit and her dad was there too so it was cool to see him also.

This is my nephew, Kingston. I saw him when I went to my mom's house. He's almost FOUR and he's talking so much and starting to pick up on a lot of things which makes me feel old but he's so cute and smart.

(From left to right) This is Kingston, me, my grandma, my other younger sister, Brielle, and my mom. All of their reactions to me surprising them were also AMAZING. I'm gonna post the reel on my Instagram today so you can see their reactions so follow me @vontleak. I am SO GLAD I was able to surprise them because I genuinely missed them and I can tell they really appreciated it.

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