10 Things That Are Overpriced . . . But Still Totally Worth It

People are talking about things that are overpriced, BUT still 100% worth it. Like a quality mattress . . . concert tickets . . . and a winter coat. People on social media are talking about things that are overpriced . . . BUT are still "100% worth it." Here are some of the popular responses:


1. Good, comfortable shoes and socks.


2. A quality mattress . . . a quality pillow . . . and a quality sofa.


3. Hiring movers. One person said, "Worth their weight in gold."


4. Air conditioning.


5. Dental care.


6. Experiences. Save money on day-to-day stuff . . . but "splurging on an experience, like a concert ticket, a weekend getaway, or a class you've been wanting to take, creates lasting memories and happiness."


7. Premium wireless noise-canceling headphones.


8. Quality pots and pans. One person said, "The cheap ones flake, scratch, warp, scorch, or just simply don't transfer heat evenly."


9. A solid, warm, winter coat.


10. Divorce.



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