Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics (3/29/24-3/31/24)

Friday I got out of work pretty early and I was feeling pretty spontaneous so I traded in my camera that I've had for NINE YEARS. This was my first camera and I've shot so many projects with it but I bought a new camera which is much smaller and easier to travel with to shoot new content (coming soon)!

I went to MOA for a few things and I LOVE milkshakes so I went to Coldstone. I waited in a long line for maybe 12 minutes then by the time I finally got to the register to order, the woman said that they don't do milkshakes in the last 30 minutes of the store being open. I was pissed because I was there before we were in those last 30 minutes but oh well...

I spent Easter at Falen's house. I really appreciated the invitation because this is my first Easter away from home and it would've been depressing having to spend it alone. Colt and Drake were also there, along with a lot of Falen and Jake's family so it was cool hanging out, eating some brunch.

On another spontaneous whim, I went to a BIPOC improv comedy jam at HUGE Theater that Bailey told me about. I did sketch and stand-up comedy in college and have missed doing it so it was interesting to try out.

I stayed in Sunday night and watched episode one of this show. It's from Dick Wolf, the same guy that made Law & Order and Chicago Fire. It discusses the real life homicide cases that NYPD officers have dealt with... and I'm a sucker for a good crime/thriller show.

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