New Trend: Full-Body Deodorants?

If you think about it, is it a LITTLE strange that we apply deodorant but only to a few small areas? Do you ever feel like you need more coverage maybe a LOT more coverage?

There are some products out there that are "whole body deodorants," and apparently they're catching on. Searches for body deodorant have increased 27% since last year. And the #FullBodyDeodorant hashtag on TikTok has more than 23 million views.


One expert says, "We're finding that people are struggling with body odor in general men, they're focused around their chest and private areas, but for women, it's under bras."

Some people take extra showers if they feel like they need it others use fragrances or even "layering their clothes" to mask the odors or they apply their usual deodorant to other areas, even if they weren't designed for that.


I guess the idea is that these newer products are safer and more effective to apply throughout your body not just under your arms. There's also a lot of talk about "natural solutions," that don't require a special product. 



(Women's Wear Daily)

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