Plumbers Are Revealing the Strangest Things Flushed Down Toilets

A drainage pipe company surveyed plumbers, and asked them to reveal the strangest things that they've caught being flushed down the toilet. And here are some of the best responses:


1. Legos


2. Rubber ducks . . . Some of these MIGHT be blamed on KIDS.


3. Socks


4. Sex toys


5. Teeth.. They didn't specify whether these are REAL or FAKE.


6. Turkey bones and Brussels sprouts, I'm sure the Brussels sprouts were ACCIDENTALLY dropped in.


7. Bananas


8. A pipe stuck inside another pipe


9. A "two-man tent and sleeping bag" It's probably safe to assume that this didn't make it too far before the plumber had to come out and clear it.



One plumber said, "I've seen all sorts of weird and wonderful things blocking pipes. Everything from chopsticks to a lettuce. 



"[But] it's really important to think twice before flushing something, because it can cause long-term damage to plumbing systems."



(HVP Mag)

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