Minnesota Restaurant Crowned 'Best Burger' Joint In The State

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It's no secret that Americans love their burgers. Many restaurants scattered throughout the country serve a hearty burger and fries meal, so how do you choose? If you've been searching for the next best burger and fries meal, then we found just the list for you. Reader's Digest compiled a list of restaurants that serve the best burger in each state, and you're not going to want to miss out on these fresh, savory staples.

According to the list, the best place to order a burger in Minnesota is Matt's Bar in Minneapolis. Reader's Digest praised this restaurant for its famous juicy Lucy burger!

Here's what Reader's Digest had to say about the restaurant that serves the best burger in the entire state:

"It might look simple from the outside, but the unassuming Matt’s Bar hides a culinary gem: the Jucy Lucy. As the story goes, a customer walked into the Minneapolis spot in 1954 and asked for a slice of cheese between two burger patties, proclaiming it a “juicy Lucy” after taking a bite. Decades later, you can find similar burgers across the Twin Cities (with both spelling variations), but the original is considered one of the best burgers in the state and still can’t be beaten. Don’t bother bringing your credit cards, though—this joint is cash only."

For a continued list of restaurants that serve the best burgers across the country visit rd.com.

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