The Final Episodes of "Yellowstone" Aren't Coming Out for Another Year

If you're waiting to see how "Yellowstone" ends, you've got a year to wait. The conclusion of the fifth and final season won't premiere until November of 2024.

And, as you probably already know, Kevin Costner won't be part of it.


Two new "Yellowstone" shows have been announced though: A new prequel called "1944", and a modern-day spinoff called "2024". There are already two prequel series, "1883" and "1923".  (Who's naming these shows, Taylor Swift?)


And there's another spin-off on the way to Paramount+ called "6666".


But, despite what you may have heard about "Lawmen: Bass Reevesbeing a spin-off of "1883", the showrunners for that new David Oyelowo series premiering this weekend decided to make it a standalone show.




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