Are Jorts Officially Back in Style?

Huge news in dad fashion: JORTS are officially cool again.

Gen Z is obsessed with them, and we're not just talking cutoffs. They even like the long baggy jean shorts your dad bought on sale at Walmart.


Short, tight cutoffs and Daisy Dukes never went out of fashion. But now the '90s style longer ones that go past your knees are trendy, especially for women.

TikTok is full of videos on how to incorporate them into outfits. Even CARGO PANT jorts are acceptable again.

It's not clear if middle-aged dads can pull off the look, or if you have to be young to make it "cool." But did dads ever really care about that?


If you're a middle-aged dad with a collection of jorts in your dresser first of all, congrats on being ahead of the curve. 


Just don't be surprised if your kid steals them from you, along with that braided belt from L.L. Bean. 



(NY Post / LA Times / The Guardian)

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