Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 9/8 - 9/10

Friday was a pretty chill day. We've had a bit of a mice problem in the winter so Andrew is trying to be proactive and figure out how they're getting in the house. He ripped up some of our deck boards and spray foamed spots he thinks they might be squeezing in through. Fingers crossed we don't have any little furry friends living rent free in our house this winter now!

Saturday I worked an event at HyVee and the Skol Line was there for it as well. It was super fun watching them perform. They're so good!

After that event we jetted off to Andrew's brother's going away party. He's moving to Cali!

And after that we had an apartment warming party. It was Barbie themed, hence the extra pink.

Andrew requested Alexa play Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" at the party. He then proceeded to sing the whole thing to me as I was starting to crash because it was almost midnight at this point and we had been on the go since 10am that morning. Hence my somewhat entertained/somewhat annoyed facial expression here, lol.

Hope you were able to burn a Fall candle and enjoy having the windows open without sweating your butt off this weekend!

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