"What I Did This Summer" Drake's Essay Assignment

We had a teacher assign us an Essay Assignment yesterday and this is what I wrote:

Drake’s Funner Summer 


My Summer was filled with so much joy & amazingness. Kicking it off with spilling tequila on Flo Rida at our KDWB Star Party to losing hundreds of dollars gambling at the many Casinos that Minnesota & Wisconsin has to offer. This summer was filled with countless memories with friends who peer pressured me to taking too many shots of vodka & celebrating the legalization of Marijuana in the State of Minnesota. 


The State Fair this year was one for the books. Getting a chance to eat many more foods had introduced me to a world I had not dreamed of. Giant Egg Rolls, Some of the best Tacos I had ever tasted, Many squeaky cheese curds, and more. It was not all fun & games this summer as many of us, myself included, had to bare the intense heat that devastated cold beers & sweat glands day in & day out. Will we remember these devastations? Yes. Was it all worth it? Absolutely.

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