Here's Some Things to Fill Time When You're Bored at Work

46% of Americans are bored at work. The remaining 64% are LIARS. But don't fret, desk drones. You can still have fun, fulfilling days on the job thanks to today's list of the,Top 5 Ways to Fill Time When You're Bored at Work.

  • Mess with the IT guy by telling him an Ewok can beat Baby Yoda in a fight.
  • Cover your face in stamps and ask shipping/receiving to mail you someplace interesting.


  • Make a rubber band ball. And a rubber band bat. And a rubber band pitching machine and go nuts!


  • Drop a package between the FedEx Guy and the UPS Guy and have them fight to the death over who gets to ship it.


  • Cough and mutter something about the "new COVID strain" and BOOM! You get to spend the rest of the day at home!!



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