A European Airline Is Launching an "Adults Only" Section on Planes

Everyone has been annoyed by a kid on an airplane, even parents, and even when it's their OWN child.

A Turkish-Dutch airline called Corendon Airlines will be introducing "adult-only zones" for flights between Amsterdam and Curaçao starting in November. That's usually a 10- to 11-hour flight.

The airline said, "[It's] intended for travelers traveling without children, and for business travelers who want to work in a quiet environment."

But this is NOT meant to be anti-parents they claim parents will be BREATHING A SIGH OF RELIEF, because they can "worry less about reactions from fellow passengers when their child is crying."

The only adult zones will be in the front section and it will be "physically separated" from the rest of the plane, using walls and curtains. It's unclear if they will be fortifying the barrier with soundproofing.


 This section WILL cost more, but not THAT much. You'll pay an extra $50 per seat . . . and about $110 if you want one with more legroom.



For the record, they consider adults anyone 16 and older.



(The Hill / USA Today)

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