10 Things People Hate When They're Kids, But Love When They're Adults

Remember back when you were a kid, and had your first sip of coffee or beer? Maybe you PRETENDED to like it because adults loved it so much but you probably did NOT enjoy it.

People on social media are talking about things that people HATE when they're kids but LOVE as adults. Here are some of the good ones:


 1. Water. One person said, "As a kid, I hated drinking water. As an adult, I can't get enough."

Portrait of a cute little boy drinking a glass of water

Photo: Imgorthand / E+ / Getty Images

 2. Being at home, and having nothing to do.


 3. Getting socks as a gift or practical items, like a vacuum cleaner.


 4. Taking baths.


 5. Eating leftovers. And vegetables even Brussels sprouts. And one brave soul admitted, "I'm warming up to mushrooms."

Leftovers in Plastic Food Containers

Photo: jmalov / iStock / Getty Images

 6. Going to sleep early. And taking naps.


 7. Grocery shopping. One person said, "I can get whatever the hell I want."


 8. Family dinners. One comment said, "We rarely get together and eat as a family now that I'm an adult, so it's nice when we can all sit down together."


 9. People thinking you are YOUNGER than you actually are. Or carding you.


 10. Yard work.




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