Are These Nine Common Situations Awkward or Not?

Do you ever try to avoid certain situations because they're AWKWARD only to see other people in those situations, and look completely unfazed? THIS is for you.

Someone conducted a poll online, where they asked about nine common situations and asked if people found them awkward or not. Here are the results:


 1. When a stranger asks you for directions. Only 32% say it's awkward.


2. Making eye contact with someone you don't know. 54% say it's awkward.


3. When you're playing with your phone and random kids watch over your shoulder. 76% say it's awkward. (I guess it also depends who these "random kids" are. Maybe at a family gathering or a sporting event?)


4. When you have to think of your order on the spot in front of the cashier in a restaurant. 76% say it's awkward.


5. Trying to make conversation with the cab- or ride-share driver. 80% say it's awkward.


6. Having to put your change in your wallet while people wait in line behind you. 80% find it awkward.


7. When you're taking a test and the teacher looks at your paper, and watches you work. 87% say it's awkward.


8. Standing at the grocery store counter after your shopping partner leaves because they forgot something. 88% say it's awkward.


9. When you've been coughing a lot in public so you have to hold it in. 91% say it's awkward.




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