Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 8/25 - 8/27

Friday night I got together with some girlfriends to say Goodbye to our friend that's moving to DC for a bit. We had dinner at Cafe Lurcat and then grabbed drinks at Maison Margaux!

Saturday began my weekend at the State Fair! The morning show was out there all afternoon and we had such a fun time chatting, taking pics, playing games and watching Dave wow us with his magic tricks.

Thanks to everyone who swung by the booth and shout-out to Dechari who came and grabbed a picture with me :)

After our shift our on Sunday I stayed out at the fair with Andrew and some friends. I tried some new stuff and loved the Bacon-wrapped Waffle Dog from Nordic Waffles. I put together a video of things I would recommend here!

I worked Sunday as well but by myself this time. Once again, thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted :). I don't see Zach Dillon too often with out different schedules and now I haven't seen Falen in 6 days which feels like years to me after sitting next to her every weekday morning (lol) so I was excited to chat with them for a bit once my shift was done and they took over!

Myself, Dave, and Drake are back at the Fair Thursday 11am-1pm so if you're out there, come by the KDWB Booth! We're in Carousel Park!

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