Fyre Fest 2 Has Now Been Announced & Tickets Are On Sale

Remember the Netflix Documentary that was released back in 2017?

Well, Billy McFarland is back after serving some prison time with yet another plan for Fyre Festival 2

You have to hand it to Billy McFarland. If at first you don't succeed, and go to prison for it, try, try again. He's announcing that tickets are on sale for Fyre Fest 2. There's no lineup and no venue other than "the Caribbean". Here's what he posted, wearing a robe.

Billy served four years of a six-year sentence for fraud dealing with the first failed Fyre Fest. Tickets for this non-existent concert that says it will be held December 6th in "the Caribbean" to see who-knows-who are $499 for "The First 100", and selling for up to $7,999.

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