Free Bread at Restaurants Actually Makes You Hungrier?

Do you ever try to fill up on the free bread at restaurants to save money? Well, joke's on you . . .


Some woman on TikTok went viral after claiming free bread and chips are actually a tactic restaurants use to make you spend MORE.  (Here's the video.)


Simple carbs like that spike your blood sugar really fast. And in the short term, that makes you hungrier. A lot of times, they'll bring the bread before you've ordered, because then you look at the menu and suddenly want EVERYTHING.


It's not the only reason they give you bread. We also just enjoy free stuff . . . won't get as angry if our food takes a while . . . and it subconsciously makes us tip more. But the fact that it whets your appetite IS a reason so many places do it. 


Don't let them fool you though. Those rolls and chips aren't really "free." They're just baked into the price of everything else. 


(Daily Dot)

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