The "Laziest" Time for Workers . . . Is Not Monday Morning

Let's be honest: No one is operating at PEAK EFFICIENCY all week long at work. There are some lulls . . . and Monday morning is one of them. But that is NOT when workers are the laziest.


A new study used computers to determine when workers are the MOST and LEAST productive. They looked at metrics like typing speed, typing errors, and mouse activity. And it was comprehensive. The data was from almost 800 workers . . . over the course of TWO YEARS.


In the end, they found that workers are the laziest and least productive in the office on FRIDAY AFTERNOONS . . . which isn't shocking. Mondays are also on the lower end.


The study didn't specifically say when the workers are the MOST productive . . . but according to the data, the general trend is for workers to be MORE productive as the week goes on, before dropping off at the end of the week.


Mornings are also better than afternoons . . . so it's probably safe to say that workers are the most locked in Wednesday and Thursday mornings. 




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