Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 8/4 - 8/6

I spent a lot of time painting Friday again. I got our half story all painted except for one cubby area I'm going to paint a different color. I'll share some more photos once I get the room all finished and decorated the way I want! Andrew made this zoodle/shrimp pasta for dinner Friday night. Health scale, 9/10, taste scale, 6/10. A little bland but it was still good! Recipe here.

While Andrew cooked, I enjoyed an Espresso martini with Bill who's been spending the last week and a half with us :)

Saturday Andrew and I went to get breakfast burritos from his friend's pop-up, called Quince. Here's their Instagram if you want to find the next pop-up. It was the best and biggest breakfast burrito I've ever had. It's Sunday evening as I type this and I still have half of it left.

It was right across the street from The Get Down Coffee so we swooped some lattes while we waited for our burritos to be made. Just a heads up, they've had 2 hour waits for their burritos. It was only a half hour for us!

And Sunday I had a coffee date with my friend Tiffany, which I forgot to get a picture at. After I ran to Target and FINALLY swooped some new deodorant after being out the last few weeks and sweating aggressively....whoops, lol.

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