Five Words You Should Never Use to Describe Yourself on LinkedIn

Here's some advice if you're preparing your resume, LinkedIn profile, or some cover letters to try to get a new job. Save all your super cool corporate buzzwords for AFTER you get hired.


Here are five words you should never use to describe yourself . . .


1. "World-class." It's undefined and less impressive than you think.


2. "Responsible for." Talk about results instead, not just duties. 


3. "Motivated." You shouldn't take credit for things you're supposed to do.


4. "Creative." Creative has been overused so much it's become generic.


5. "Guru." It's fine if other people use this to describe you but looks LAME if you use it to describe yourself.


Some other words to avoid: Passionate . . . dynamic . . . unique . . . results-oriented . . . and driven.




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