Ten Things We All Do but Never Mention

There's a Reddit section called "Does Anybody Else," where people list weird things they do, and ask if other people do them too. Someone went through and cherry-picked the best ones. Here are a few you've probably done before, but never mentioned . . .


1. When you have to spell the word "Wednesday," do you sound it out in your head as "WED-NES-DAY"?


2. Do you ever come across a distinct smell that takes you back to a vague childhood memory? But you can't put your finger on what it is?


3. Do you ever bump into something and say "ouch" even though it didn't hurt?


4. When you pee and it's totally clear, do you ever feel proud of yourself for being hydrated? 


5. Are you ever driving behind the same car for a really long time . . . then they take an exit, and you feel kind of sad they're gone? Like you'd formed a slight bond?


6. When you think a song or movie is amazing. But then you show it to someone else . . . and suddenly feel self-conscious, like it's not really that great.


7. When you flush the toilet but don't get a full flush. So you have to stand there and wait for the tank to refill.


8. When your pet is on your lap and you need to get up, do you ever try to explain it to them? Like, "I have to go get a drink, but don't leave. I'm coming back."


9. Do you ever put on a sock . . . spot a hole in it . . . decide it's the last time you'll wear those socks . . . but then forget, wash them again, and repeat the process?


10. Have you ever spent 30 minutes writing an email that ended up being two sentences?




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