Woman Are Using the "Barbie Test" to Screen Potential Mates

I hate to break it to you, guys, but this "Barbie" thing is even worse than you imagined. Because women are using it to screen your fitness as a potential mate. 


So don't be surprised if an intended hookup subjects you to the Barbie Test.


Here's the deal, according to a TikTok influencer named Nicole Hoefler:


"It's like the new question on a first date or your dating profile: 'What are your thoughts on the Barbie movie?'


"Because if a guy really doesn't want to see it or he's not open to talking about it or, what's even worse yet, if he's seen it and he thinks it's not a good movie or he doesn't get the point, I think it's kind of a no-go."


Nicole's own boyfriend passed with flying colors. Quote, "He dressed in pink. He got all the jokes and moving parts. Afterwards he discussed with me what a masterpiece this movie is and how hard it must be to be a woman."



(Just Jared)

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