We Spend an Average of $151 on Impulse Purchases Every Month

Here's one way we've been saving money over the past year. An annual poll found we're spending a lot less on impulse purchases. The average American has cut that spending in HALF. 


We're still spending an average of $151 a month on impulse buys. But that's down from $314 a year ago.


38% of us have made a conscious effort to rein it in. But we're definitely not quitting cold turkey.


On average, we made six impulse purchases a month this past year, down from 12 the year before.


The number one reason people gave was inflation. 77% said it's affected their impulse spending. And 58% said they really only do it now if they see something on sale.


Here are the top things we're most likely to buy spur-of-the-moment: Clothing . . . junk food . . . household items . . . shoes . . . takeout food . . . books . . . toys . . . gadgets . . . and coffee. (Slickdeals)


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