Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 7/14 - 7/16

Hope you had a great weekend! I feel like the weather was nearly perfect all weekend (minus the air quality). We watched two pups this weekend so we spent a lot of time with them but on Saturday I went out to Big Island for Lake Patrol!

I met this wonderful bachelorette party!

And got on this boat filled with wonderful people celebrating Joe's birthday!

Right after that we jetted over to a gin tasting event at Eat Street Crossing.

I had never heard of Eat Street Crossing but it's another food hall in Minneapolis that just opened a few months ago, so after drinking some gin, we grabbed some food. You might think Andrew is super happy to have these huge chicken tenders to eat but they were actually for me and when I sat down with them he was grinning so hard as if it was his food (I did give him a few bites). They're from Bebe Zito if you go there and want to try them yourself!

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