Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 7/7- 7/9

This weekend was a rare one where we didn't have many plans and no dogs to take care of so we did a full day of activities on Saturday. We started by grabbing coffee at The Lobby which I was influenced to go to because of Falen.

Then we headed up to Anoka to check out the Craft Fair.

We checked out some of the local shops and then overheard someone talking about "The Hardware Store" which we discovered was a Speakeasy. Once we found it and figured out how to get in, we had some amazing drinks! I REALLY liked the Pineapple Pachanga and the Sinatra Old Fashioned - smoked! If you want to see everything else we did, check it out here!

Sunday, we headed to the Twins game to watch Falen throw out the first pitch. She nailed it!

The bonus for me was getting to see Olive :)

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