Subtle Sign You're Old?

You're not necessarily "old" if you do this. Everyone younger than you will just SEE you as an old person . . .


Gen Zers are making fun of people who scroll through their phone using their INDEX FINGER. The young-person way to do it is with your thumb.


That's not just one person's opinion. A recent poll done by the makers of "Candy Crush" found 80% of Gen Z'ers use their thumbs to play.


It drops to 67% for Millennials. Meanwhile, 73% of Baby Boomers said they mainly use their index finger.


So why the difference in technique? Maybe because when older people first got touchscreens, using a stylus was a thing.  (If you're not familiar, kids . . . a stylus is similar to an ancient writing utensil called a "pen." But no ink.)


One meme summed it up like this: It shows a picture of someone using their finger to scroll, with the caption, "Pretty sure every mom in the world texts like this."


40% of Gen Z'ers in the poll said they'd be embarrassed if they were out in public, and someone caught them scrolling with their finger. 



(Daily Mail / WalesOnline)


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