Jenny's Long 4th of July Weekend Pics!

It was a busy weekend starting with a party at Falen's on Friday night. I worked an event Saturday morning and then Andrew and I drove back to Wisconsin to see my family Saturday afternoon. After a long drive, I hopped on my sister's Peloton to get some exercise. Every time I go to my hometown, I use it and am very much debating getting one. I never buy things that aren't a necessity so I feel like for once, I can splurge on something like a Peloton that would bring me so much joy and I know I would use it all the time!

Sunday morning we went golfing with my dad and sister. My sister and I hadn't golfed in 3 years and this was only Andrew's second time golfing ever so we played for fun, but my dad did really good!

My younger sister and I took my niece to her swimming lessons. She was your typical kid that kept looking up at us and waving. It was adorable.

Monday, we swam in my mom's pool and had a big cookout with the family.

Hope you had some fun this 4th of July weekend. We're all back on the show tomorrow!

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