Drake's 4th of July Weekend in Five Pics

I had my parents in town this weekend since they hadn't been here in awhile.

Woke up Saturday and realized I had 0 AC in my apartment and I wasn't about to be living in a hot ass apartment all weekend so we decided to head out of the cities first stopping at Charlies on Prior to check it out and it didn't disappoint!

We decided to head to Treasure Island for the weekend since we didn't want to spend it in a hot & humid apartment.

We stopped at this bar on the way because there was a Taco Truck out front shoutout to The Bar Draft House in Hastings & Jessica who recognized me immediately haha

Treasure Island hooked us up with some pretty cheap rooms for the weekend despite how busy it was so massive thanks to them for all the fun this weekend!

Last day I took them to Lord Fletchers for the first time and i'm not even kidding you we were there for 4-5 hours. Lots of fun!

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