Does Ketchup Belong in the Fridge? Heinz Just Weighed In

People online can't agree on where to store open bottles of ketchup. Do you keep yours in the fridge, or just leave it out at room temperature?


Heinz's U.K. division started a Twitter poll to see where people stand. Last we checked, only 55% said they refrigerate their ketchup. But that's mainly Brits voting. It's not clear if that holds true here too.


Some people apparently hate COLD ketchup. And the main argument for not refrigerating is restaurants just leave it sitting out. So do you really have to?


The ketchup at restaurants gets used up pretty fast though. So it's probably not sitting out for months on end. And according to Heinz, your fridge IS the best place for it.


Heinz UK posted on Twitter and said, "FYI: Ketchup goes in the FRIDGE!!" A spokesperson for Heinz added that is the "best way to maintain" its taste. 


(NY Post / Daily Mail)


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