The Best Chit-Chat Topics Include Hobbies, Current Events, and the Weather

How do you feel about SMALL TALK? Like chit-chatting with some random person at a party. Love it? Hate it?


A new poll found most of us are fine with small talk. But the most common response was basically . . . I guess it's just something we have to do.


35% of us "like" or "love" chit-chatting with people . . . 24% "dislike" or "hate" it . . . and 37% are "neutral," so just going through the motions.


Most of us think we're pretty good at it though. 81% said they're at least "okay" at making small talk, including 18% who think they're GREAT at it.


If you never know what to talk about, the poll covered that too. It asked about six different topics. Here they are, ranked from most to least popular . . .


1. Your hobbies, or theirs. 44% of us think it's a good conversation starter.


2. Current events, 43%. Men were more likely to say that's a good topic.


3. Travel, 41%. Like, maybe ask if they've gone anywhere recently.


4. The weather. Kinda seems like a last-resort topic. But 39% of us actually enjoy talking about the weather.


5. Showbiz or entertainment, 39%.


6. Work or school. Only 23% think it's a good chit-chat topic.


6% said they wouldn't want to talk about ANY of that stuff. So they're probably in that group who just hate small talk in general.




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